From the recording Beneath

Music and lyrics by Hannah Barstow


Even though I hold you near
It's like we've never met at all, dear
Can't you feel my longing for you
Don't you know that I adore you, love?

You're the one I've always wanted
Every dream you've always haunted
Don't you notice I am lonely
Can't you see that I want only you for me?

I look at you, you look away
I try to reach out to you every day
But then you only pull away
When I am near

And when you go out on your own
I can remember all the love we have known
But I always feel so much alone
When you are here

Try to find your love again
Think about when we were friends
A time when you were mine
And I was yours

Oh but now I feel misunderstood
Breaking away from all the things that once were good
Losing hope that we will ever find
A kind of peace of mind
That it will all be fine

So I will go this on my own
Until you see that I just wanna be close
But now I feel alone the most
When you are here